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Moonsters incorporated…

November 11, 2008

Hurrah for the Mooncup. I have to confess I approached my little silicon cup with some trepidation – which is ridiculous. I have squeezed a child out of my vagina for goodness sake – why I was worrying about fitting this cup in I don’t know!

But, you know what, Mooncups are brilliant! You can’t feel it like tampons or towels. There’s no smell. You have to remember not to panic if you can’t get it out first go – tense muscles just make it all the more difficult to get a grip on the wet silicon. If you’re squeamish about sticking your fingers inside yourself or getting bloody, well this may not be your thing, but everybody else (well, those with vaginas anyway) should get down to Boots and buy one right now.

You’re saving yourself money (yes, it’s £20, but add up the price of normal sanitary protection over a lifetime – you’ll only need one Mooncup) and you’re helping the environment (saving resources used to produce tampons and towels – and preventing the bloody things going down the loo or into landfill).

Moonsters unite!

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