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Thank you Oliver Postgate

December 9, 2008

I could blame the tears on my cat-related grief, but I suspect that the news of Oliver Postgate’s death would have made me cry anyway. UK readers over the age of 30 will need no introduction to this warm, wise and benign creative genius. Oliver (with Peter Firmin) created the beautiful and magical Ivor the Engine, Bagpuss, Clangers and Noggin the Nog – among others.

I loved these programmes as a child, especially Ivor and Bagpuss, and now that I have a young daughter of my own love watching them all again. If you’re tempted to buy the DVDs, don’t buy the edition that includes Bagpuss, Clangers and Ivor in one pack – you get shortchanged on Ivor by the whole second series. Much better to just buy the individual DVDs. I will be watching Retirement (in which Jones and Ivor find a final, safe home for Idris and his dragon family) this evening. It moistened my eyes on normal days, I suspect a large hankie will be needed today.

Oliver Postgate was a wise man and his wisdom lives on beyond him. Please visit his website and absorb a little of it in remembrance of him.

You can also visit the Smallfilms website to learn more about his wonderful creations.

Bless you Oliver – you enriched our lives. Thank you so much.

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  1. December 9, 2008 8:57 pm

    Good valediction. Mr. Postgate will be very missed. Introduced my three small boys to Ivor some years ago, they were entranced.

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