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Educate your children about human rights (and just one reason why that’s important)

December 16, 2008

While opening the office post this morning, a pink and blue leaflet fluttered onto my desk – it was from Amnesty International and listed the rights that men in Iran have and that Iranian women don’t have. A man’s life has twice as much value as a woman’s. She cannot apply for a passport without her husband’s permission. He can divorce his wife without giving any advance notice and can take other wives without her consent. He can ban his wife from her profession if he chooses. She can’t leave her house without her husband’s permission. A girl over the age of nine can be flogged, stone or executed, but a boy under the age of 15 can not suffer these punishments.

Ordinary Iranian women have launched the Campaign for Equality and are working to collect a million signatures demanding changes to the laws that discriminate against women. You can donate money to support them in this and you can also sign the petition.

You can also help to educate children by buying We Are All Born Free – a beautifully illustrated book celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. By ordering from Amnesty, this hardback costs just £10.

It is a wonderful way to introduce these rules for life to little people – I can’t recommend it enough. It may even be possible to get it in time for Christmas if you get your skates on.

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