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Yet another unpleasant Blair legacy – the buggering up of the Beeb

January 26, 2009
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Of course, T Blair did many worse things than this – viz Iraq war, ID cards, y’know, and so on, but messing with Auntie is unforgiveable. I’m not claiming the problems (are they really scandals?) with phone-ins and Brand and Ross are Tone’s fault, but it was hobbled by the Hutton Report and now feels unable to air a DEC appeal for aid in Gaza in case it hurts their impartiality. That man has a lot to answer for – I’m surprised he can walk upright with the hand of history on his shoulder. Anyhoo, today’s metemorposis is to turn the BBC’s bad publicity into aid for the people of Gaza whose homes, schools and hospitals have been reduced to rubble. Unless you are actually looking for your last few quid to feed your children, don’t use the credit crunch as an excuse not to help. It can be cold at night in the Middle East too y’know…

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