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Immunise yourself against bad science

February 9, 2009

When I say bad science, I align myself with the jolly good Ben Goldacre and his Bad Science blog. Ironically the forces of CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) against whom Bad Science rages probably consider proper science (ie testing theories in a controlled, properly randomised way) Bad Science.
The news that measles cases in England and Wales rose by 36% per cent last year – in most cases because the child had not been fully vaccinated is infuriating. Particularly when anti-MMR campaigners continue to come out with the following nonsense (lifted verbatim from Dr G’s blog): “It’s a conspiracy by the pharmaceutical industry.” “Science always changes so you can believe what you like.” “It’s a debate and a controversy.” “Measles was never that bad anyway.” “Immune systems are damaged by being understimulated.” “Immune systems are damaged by being overstimulated.”
Unlike normal vaccinations, this one will not hurt a bit. Visit Bad Science to learn more for free. When you’re hooked, which I’m sure you will be, then buy the Bad Science book and learn how to take apart the bad science dumped on us by the media everyday.


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