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Put your £30 to better use…

February 18, 2009

I was indulging my current pash for Bad Science’s Dr Ben Goldacre (don’t worry Ben, you’re not Scottish enough for my crush to last very long…) and watching Monday night’s Watchdog on catch-up last night. Ben was there debunking a gadget that claimed to identify food intolerances via your fingers. As Dr G would say, it’s probably a bit more complicated than that – but as it’s bunkum and horseshit – why waste pixels going into the detail. Suffice to say that I have been taken in by the ideas that eating antioxidants is a good thing, or that omega 3 oil might be good for cognitive function in the past – but since the scales have fallen from my eyes, my bullshit detector is functioning much better and this kind of nonsense makes me quite angry actually.
It costs £30 to be K-tested apparently. If you have £30 you don’t need and are thinking about taking the K-Test, please, please try this instead. Pay £6.49 to buy a copy of the brilliant Bad Science book (so that you need never be fooled by hokum again) and spend £15 on mosquito nets  and £9 on safe water for 12 people (so that someone in the world really does have their health improved). Yes, this does cost 49p more than the K-Test – but you can’t deny that this way you get value for money.

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