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Justice required for Michael Causer

February 24, 2009

This morning I have been reading the tragic story of Michael Causer, an 18-year-old man battered to death while he slept upstairs at a party. One man has just been acquitted of homophobic murder, another who pleaded guilty to murder, denies he was motivated by Michael’s sexuality. The judge has yet to sentence him, so it’s not officially a hate crime yet, but kudos to Merseyside Police for pursuing this murder as a hate crime. Michael’s family and friends were shocked at the acquittal on Friday (20th February) and are hoping to launch a private prosecution. Good luck to them, I say. Homophobia has no place in our society. I hope that in my lifetime I will see gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people treated equally by everyone. As it happens, today is also the 75th ‘birthday’ of Liberty – the UK’s leading defender of human rights and civil liberties. Clearly, for all that the Daily Hate readers whine on about political correctness gone mad and bitch about human rights, we still desperately need Liberty to continue their excellent work – so happy birthday Liberty.


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