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Jack Parlabane to the rescue again

March 16, 2009

Once upon a time cooking an evening meal was a pleasure. These days it’s just a chore. I do it because I hate eating crap food (ie frozen pizza and takeaway), and to reward myself I plug in an audiobook. This week we are mostly eating chilli and basil risotto and I am chopping to the sound of The Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks, by Christopher Brookmyre. Until Ben Goldacre’s publishers do the decent thing and turn his Bad Science book into an audiobook, this fulfils my aim to listen to “improving” literature!

 This particular novel pits the fabulous Jack Parlabane – freelance journalist, professional poo-stirrer, smartarse and thorn in the side of Daily Mail readers – againsts the world of woo, and fake psychics – I know, I know, it’s tautologous – in particular.

If you have ever thought there might just be something in those ghost stories, and pseudo-psychic stories your friends tell you, then read this book, and educate yourself in research protocols and the range of cons that psychics use to part you from your cash. And then just go back to Quite Ugly One Morning and start working through the whole brilliant Brookmyre canon.

NB – You can buy the audio versions of Quite Ugly, Rubber Ducks and A Snowball in Hell from Audible – the rest are print only at the moment. All are brilliant, though I have to confess to repeat listenings to Quite Ugly – maybe something to do with the excellent narration. Some bloke called David Tennant…

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