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Get it up ye!

March 18, 2009

I can’t imagine many cynics reading these posts – unless it’s to annoy themselves, but for any cynical minds in the vicinity, I have to quote the irrepressible Jack Parlabane and say “Get it up ye!”

The reason for my glee? RNIB has proved that pestering your MP (not to mention an awful lot of professional campaign work) can make a positive difference to people’s lives. From April 2011 people with severe visual impairment will be able to claim the higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

It may seem a small thing, but about 26,000 people will get an extra £45million a year, which will make a huge impact on their lives. And it happened because RNIB supporters (yes, including me) wrote to their MPs (among other things). From RNIB‘s website: “During the debate MPs paid tribute to the way that they had been lobbied by constituents and what a difference this had made to their understanding of the issue.”

So to those who ask why I bother with this blog (and they do) – this is why. Small actions CAN make a big difference. Get it right up ye!

So whatever is bugging you (well, within reason of course – your husband’s snoring doesn’t really fall into your MP’s remit), use Write to Them to contact your MP and ask them to do something about it. Blog about it – or get someone else to blog about it for you.  Can we make a difference? As Bob the Builder (and some other guy) would say, “Yes, we can!”.

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