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Nestlé uses figleaf of reduced packaging to cover its sins

March 23, 2009

Nestlé is promoting its plastic-packaging free Easter eggs – you would think such a thing would lighten my liberal, environmentally-guilt-stricken consciousness, non?

Non. It is of course a Good Thing for anyone who is going to buy a Smarties egg anyway, but like its Fairtrade coffee, I can’t buy into it. Not while the multinational company continues to lead the way in violating the World Health Assembly marketing requirements for baby foods.

Baby Milk Action details the problems and publishes Nestlé’s rebuttal of the accusations in careful and, in my opinion, reasoned tones. It covers the pseudo-medical marketing to mothers in the poorest parts of the world, who could, and should, be breastfeeding. Not just because breastfeeding improves the baby’s immunity to disease, but because access to clean water to mix the formula can be impossible. You know the wrench you feel in your gut watching kids drinking filthy water in Comic Relief films – imagine putting that water in a baby bottle…  This, to keep a long rant short, is why I boycott Nestlé.

Baby Milk Action is a good place to learn about the ongoing boycott of Nestlé – if nothing else you will be amazed how many pies the firm has fingers in, and how many products boycotters have to avoid. If you can’t give them all up – try boycotting Nescafe at least – and tell the company exactly why you’re doing it.

This may be another upside to the global recession, perhaps the boycott will actually begin to hurt shareholder profits and Nestlé  may begin to see the light – even if it’s not for altruistic reasons.

This is the kind of post that really benefits from positive comments, so if you do sign up, or already boycott Nestle, take half a minute to say so.

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