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Will Moyles’ latest homophobic outburst finally finish his Radio 1 career?

March 25, 2009

Let’s get one thing absolutely clear – I don’t listen to Chris Moyles’ BBC Radio 1 show. The bits I’ve heard didn’t inspire me to listen at any greater length or download his podcast. I should also be clear that I’m not against obscenity in general. Stephen Fry swears wonderfully.

I do find the reports that surface in the press at regular intervals that Moyles is being investigated by Ofcom for being homophobic comments niggling to say the least.

If he was making racist comments, he’d have been out on his ear months ago, but apparently homophobia can be forgiven. Now,I’m not saying that he should have been sacked the first time he stepped out of line, because we can all make mistakes, and just because he’s not too my taste shouldn’t mean he’s silenced.

If pressed on this subject, he might reply that people take the proverbial out of fat people and he doesn’t complain. That would be to miss the point. We shouldn’t be taking the mickey out of people because they’re fat, thin, black, white, short, tall, blind, deaf, able-bodied, gay or straight. We’re not seven years old – we know better than to bully.

Perhaps the campaign to make ‘straight’ a pejorative word should start here. So if somebody’s being bigoted, narrow-minded, dull, predictable or unpleasant, we could say “That’s so STRAIGHT!”. Yes, I know not all straight people fit those adjectives, but gay people come in a variety of personality types too and that doesn’t stop Moyles or Jeremy Clarkson calling things ‘gay’.

While we wait for the cultural shift required to rid us of homophobia for good, do be brave next time you hear someone being homophobic and speak out. The bigots are relying on our silent acquiescence to get away with it. Don’t let them.

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