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Tom Sutcliffe – my latest hero…

March 31, 2009

…but not imaginary boyfriend (sorry Tom – you’re technically fit, but too blond to meet imaginary boyfriend standards!). Before this descends into a list of imaginary boyfriend requirements (dark hair, Scots accent etc) let me explain Tom’s new cult status.

He’s a writer for the Independent and in the past couple of weeks has dissembled a nonsense story about books that everybody else in the press seemed to swallow whole (much Bad Science kudos to the man) and has echoed a thought that bounces round my head everytime my husband complains that there’s “nothing on the telly” (his imaginary girlfriend was Sasha Alexander last time I checked btw). Today, in the Indy he suggests we could save the world by turning off the television after 11pm. Brilliant – more programmes to go round, less padding, less carbon burned making duff programmes (please god no more Road Wars, Traffic Cops, Extreme Videos…) and less carbon burned watching them. Bravo Tom!

Until this wonderous idea is enacted (at which point the Daily Mail will explode with indignation at the nanny state, yah-di-yah), join me in switching off unless there’s something you really want to watch – in my case, Stewart Lee, ER, Raven (back to imaginary boyfriends again), QI, House (another IB, though longer-standing), anything with David Tennant in it… 

So, Why Don’t You Switch Off The TV and Do Something Less Boring Instead? As we were all told by, um, a TV programme back in the ’80s…

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