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Fed up with filth

April 8, 2009
A grubby pig pokes his snout at you

A grubby pig pokes his snout at you

Not that kind of filth – if you’re looking for vicarious prOn thrills or a moan about Jacqui Smith – you will be disappointed by this post.

No, this is the filth that we are all exposed to everyday – and too many of us do seem to have become desensitised to it. I’m talking litter, dog poo and fly-tipping – it’s dirty, unhygenic and unsafe. I’m sick and tired of steering my four-year-old around dog poo and shards of broken glass. She wants to run full pelt along the paths towards the park and I’m desperately scanning ahead to see what she might run into.

I’ve got into the habit of taking a plastic bag, a pair of vinyl gloves and some People Clearing Litter tape (to seal it when I’m done) with me once a week when I go to collect my daughter from pre-school. Shockingly, I regularly fill the bag in this short walk (five minutes without litter-picking). I say shockingly, because I regularly see the council’s cleaners out gathering this rubbish too.

I’m so annoyed I’ve started telling kids who drop sweet wrappers on the ground to pick them up and put them in the bin – which is pretty assertive stuff for me, I can tell you.

If you’re sick of living surrounded by other people’s filth, there is plenty you can do. Pop off to People Clearing Litter and get some tape of your own, not to mention plenty of moral support. Visit CPRE to learn about their litter action campaign. And, of course, clear up litter when you get the chance. Grab some gloves and get picking on your way to the shops, schools or the GP.

Now I’m wondering if Jacqui Smith couldn’t make better use of the Government’s Big Brother technology – let’s turn it on dogs. Sample every hound’s DNA and then we can fine their owners if they don’t clean up the poo…

I’d happily see my taxes go towards creating a dog-poo-free UK. Any more constructive ideas welcomed…

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