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Red Dwarf is back! (back! back! etc)

April 14, 2009
The boys from the Dwarf

The boys from the Dwarf

It’s been quite a weekend for my inner geek. All the excitement of Doctor Who (making the most of David Tennant’s Doctor while I can), plus new Red Dwarf (I was going to say ‘the return of’, but thanks to Dave, it hasn’t really been away entirely has it?). This is not a TV review blog, so all I’m going to say is that I enjoyed it and thank you Dave for bringing it back. (Though I am sorry to learn the true fate of Kochanski… gah!)

No, the point of the post, is that I was inevitably reminded of the late ’80s when I was a dedicated fan of the big red one. I have fond memories of my mother hosting a party for the English and German students taking part in the annual exchange programme in 1987 or ’88, and seeing our small lounge crammed full of teenagers all avidly watching the latest episode of Red Dwarf… [sighs].

Anyway, I realised that despite the intervening years some things haven’t changed that much. I’m still concerned about the environment, animal welfare and human rights – and still managing multiple concurrent crushes on unattainable men (please see Current Obsessions if you need clarification).

One thing I was much better at back then was writing letters for prisoners of conscience for Amnesty. So spurred on by my trip down memory lane I have resolved to start writing again – at least one letter once a month. To help strengthen my resolve, I will add the names of those written about to the blog as I do it. Today, I am writing on behalf of Egyptian national Mohamed El Sharkawi who has been detained without charge or trial since 1995. If you would like to join me in my endeavours you can write on his behalf too. It’s about smegging time he was released…

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