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Switch to Ecotricity and get £20 to spend at Lush

April 21, 2009

Ecotricity says that for every £1 its customers spend on their Ecotricity electricity bills, it spends £1 building new windmills – it claims to spend more per customer each year than all the other electricity companies in the UK put together. If you’re thinking ‘Yeah, but you don’t have to look at the damn great things…’, you’re wrong. I love to see the strings of wind turbines strung along the Fen horizons. This is a perfect area to build them in, low population density, lack of National Parks… and I think if you planned it carefully you could make them sea-proof and plant them in land that could be abandoned to the sea when the fight against the tides becomes unsustainable. Anyhoo…

The fact that Ecotricity want to give you a £20 Lush voucher if you switch to them is a nice sweetener, but the thought that you can actually fight climate change by switching to Ecotricity is a powerful one. The company promises its New Energy tariff will price match the standard rate of the local supplier in each of the 14 regions in the UK mainland – so it won’t cost you the earth to save the earth either. To switch or for more information you can all free on 08000 302 302 or vist the Ecotricity website.

If this sounds like an advertisement, it’s because it was inspired by one… but if Ecotricity is good enough for Oxfam, Lush, the Soil Association, the Co-operative Bank and Ben & Jerry’s, it’s good enough for green-minded consumers like me too.

If you would like to check what switching will really cost you, dig out your fuel bills and head to uSwitch to get an honest appraisal of the figures…

In the meantime I’m working out what to spend my £20 voucher on – new Honey Waffle soap (£3.73) sounds tempting, but I do so love Karma Kream (£10.52) and Flying Fox shower gel (£13.21 for 500g) too…

Whatever I choose, I’ll be smelling good enough to eat – and happy that my energy switch will be making a difference to carbon emissions.

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