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Moisturise me! Moisturise me!

April 29, 2009

Lady Cassandra is moisturised in series one of Doctor Who

Lady Cassandra is moisturised in series one of Doctor Who

Nice to see a kerfuffle kicking off in the Guardian’s comment section over the story that “Boots anti-wrinkle cream actually works, say researchers“.
Have to say I haven’t had time to read the paper, and I’m not sure that even with my slightly enhanced Bad Science knowledge, I’d be absolutely sure I had gleaned the truth from it, if I had. And while this story has lots of good news – the study was peer-reviewed and published in a reputable journal, it was a double-blind, randomised control test, I’m still not about to rush out and buy the cream.
Partly, I now distrust PR puffs on science issues, and also I think that wrinkles are inevitable. I don’t smoke, I try to eat well and I slap on suncream from April to September (if the sun’s shining anyway!), so I’m not too wrinkly yet (I’ll be 36 this summer). Frankly I think that older people without plenty of wrinkles look a bit freaky – even the ones blessed with naturally smoother skin, and who will never need to resort to the surgeon’s scalpel or to botox.
I’ll stick with the tiny slather of Lush moisturiser I use to make my foundation powder stick to my skin and to make my skin smell nice, thank you very much.
So bring on the sun to bring out my freckles! Make me laugh so my crow’s feet get deeper. And find me my Divine Orange Chocolate bar – plump faces look younger than skinny ones – apparently…
And if I look like a shrivelled and slightly dumpy prune in my dotage, I won’t for a moment regret never having spent £230 on a tiny tub of moisturiser

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