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Tears for Sam and his parents

June 3, 2009

I know that the tragic story of the Puttick family – Neil, Kazumi and Sam – has touched many people’s hearts this week. I couldn’t even bear to read the messages of condolence on the Stuff4Sam site – the thought of all that these loving parents had done for their beautiful and beloved boy and this heartbreaking outcome, the love and concern shown by people – it was too sad to bear.
Having made a small contribution to Stuff4Sam fundraising in the past and checked in to the website now and again to see how he was doing, I feel a closer to this story than I otherwise would. I would stress that I didn’t know the Putticks and am not claiming friendship, insight or anything else. I simply feel Sam’s loss rather than just a five-year-old boy’s loss (as if ‘just’ is ever a word to cover such a thing).
I don’t believe in an afterlife – sometimes this belief is helpful, when you consider who you could be stuck in eternity with – but other days, like this one, I find myself hoping I’m wrong and that Neil, Kazumi and Sam are happy in some other plane of existence.
In keeping with MI beliefs, I direct anyone who wants something good to come out of this tragedy to Spinal Research.

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