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Another slice of XKCD brilliance

June 8, 2009
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Period (XKCD comic)

Period (XKCD comic)

Love, love, love XKCD. If you’re not already checking in regularly, I beg you to do so. And because we like to blog with some sort of higher purpose here at MI, I will use this as an excuse to sing the merits of the Mooncup again. Everything I said first time round and second time round still holds true. They are bloody brilliant (pun 100 per cent intentional). If you’re still not sure, please believe me when I say I curse myself for not taking the plunge earlier. There are occasions when Mooncups are not appropriate (like straight after childbirth), but I can’t believe I will ever willingly use any other kind of sanitary protection again.
I even found myself thinking again about the removal of VAT from normal sanitary products and wondering if a campaign to make them VATable again would ever work…
You don’t have to become a Mooncupper for the environment (though it will benefit), but do do it for yourself. You won’t regret it.

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