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But baby, she’s Madonna…

June 16, 2009

Little bit behind on my newspaper reading this week, so have only just come across a small but poignant comment piece by Daniel Howden in The Independent.
The starting point for his article was the decision to allow Madonna to adopt Malawian child Mercy Chifundo. He believes this sort of “orphan shopping” by slebs distracts attention from real solutions and talks about a Kenyan charity MYSA (page can take ages to load – please be patient!) which seeks to reunite lost boys and girls with family members. It’s a wonderful idea – I’m tearing up just remembering the Comic Relief clip from Mozambique where a father is reunited with his missing children, watched by Billy Connolly.

Robbie Williams.

Robbie Williams.

You can support the work of MYSA but if that’s too difficult, remember that you can donate to Comic Relief all year round and support similar charites.
And for the record, I liked the Robbie Williams’ song referenced (kinda)  in this post’s title.
Here in the real world (ie not Daily Mail-land) it is possible to like both Rob and Take That and wish them all well.
MI, of course, loves all five of the boys (but STILL fancies Robbie best even after all these years).

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