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What a loathsome man Nick Griffin is

July 13, 2009

First we have Gordon Brown giving the BNP and other assorted racists ammunition with his pledge to give local residents priority over immigrants when it comes to social housing. (It’s not true that immigrants take priority – honestly. My beloved mother has first-hand experience from her work as a district councillor – and she’s a Conservative! – and she says it just doesn’t work like that. Something confirmed by a report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission if you prefer less anecdotal evidence!)

Now, we have Nick Griffin advocating the sinking of civilian boats carrying non-White British people to our shores, prompting the BBC reporter interviewing him to say: “I don’t think the EU is in the business of murdering people at sea.”

Hope Not Hate wants to leaflet communities where the BNP is winning votes – but that takes hard cash. If you can help, please donate and fight these facists.

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