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Think you can’t make a difference? Read on…

September 2, 2009

Next time someone tells you that one person can’t make a difference, take their hand, lead them to a computer and make them read this article about Nicholas Winton.

In December 1938, British stockbroker Winton was moved to arrange transport for 669 children out of Czechoslovakia and to safe homes in England. The children’s families – including siblings deemed by the Nazis to old to evacuate – perished in the death camps.

Twenty-two of those children returned to Prague yesterday to watch the unveiling of a statue of the ‘British Schindler’. They then boarded a commemorative train to make the return trip to London. Winton, now 100, intends to meet the train at Liverpool Street Station on Saturday, where he will receive heartfelt thanks from those children – now parents and grandparents themselves.

You and I may not be able to act on such a scale to bring comfort and aid to those who need it – but we can make a difference. Like Winton we just need to follow our instincts when we see a situation we can make better.

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