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Alternative Christmas gift idea no.1

October 9, 2009

We all have people who, when asked what they want for Christmas or a birthday, will say they ‘really don’t need anything’. It’s all too easy to buy a bottle of something alcofrolic, a box of chocolates, or a voucher for them – I have been guilty of this too.

Women learning to read. Credit: Ami Vitale

Women learning to read. Credit: Ami Vitale

Well, as more people accept that the world has limited resources to use up, why not take your loved ones at their word and buy them an Oxfam Unwrapped (or similar charity gift) this year?

The first of the great presents I would like to draw your attention to links into another recent post on the subject of literacy: Reading classes for adults. For £30 you can give the gift of adult literacy. Your money pays and trains teachers, provides books, chalk, blackboards and other classroom equipment.

Don’t be tempted to buy your dad another M&S jumper (don’t get me started on the thousands of gallons of water a jumper uses to produce or clean in its lifetime…), if he really doesn’t have a Christmas list, then buy him something that does more harm than good this year.

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