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Water, water everywhere

November 16, 2009
David Tennant as The Doctor in The Waters of Mars

The Doctor (David Tennant) in full geek chic mode

I don’t care what any of the fanboys on the forums say, Russell T Davies and David Tennant will be sorely missed from Doctor Who next year (much as I love Stephen Moffat and am keeping an open mind on Matt Smith). The Waters of Mars is (so far) the best episode of Doctor Who ever. I sat perched on the edge of the sofa for the whole hour and for once Christmas can’t come soon enough.

Having been thoroughly drenched on the jog back from school this morning, water is very much on my mind today – and so, MI directs you to two of the many ways you can help provide clean water to people without this most basic of needs.

You can combine your good intentions with your Christmas shopping and head to Oxfam Unwrapped to buy safe water for ten people – for just £9. Sometimes it’s hard to believe such a small sum of money can make such a big difference.

Or you can head to Water Aid and get involved by donating money or time, or perhaps including it on your wedding list (I bet like many people you already have a toaster, bath towels and cutlery…).

And you know that the lovely Mr Tennant would heartily approve of either of these big-hearted decisions. So before you go off to rewatch The Waters of Mars on iPlayer, take a minute to make a difference for someone who not only is unlikely to ever see this fabulous hour of television, but much more crucially, doesn’t have clean, safe drinking water to hand at this very moment.

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