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Only Nick Griffin could think climate change is ‘anti-white’…

December 3, 2009

As you probably know, next week the world’s leaders will meet in Copenhagen for the climate change summit. It’s a critical moment – the outcome is far from certain – and you’ll be as depressed as I am to know that Nick Griffin will be attending.

The BNP claims that climate change is a “global Marxist mantra” designed to “impose a one world government” and describes the Copenhagen Summit as an “anti-white guilt hatefest which will see billions more taxpayers’ cash poured into the Third World.” Apparently Griffin has said that he’s going to expose the “somewhat dodgy” evidence surrounding climate change.


If like me you’d like to let the Copenhagen representatives know that Nick Griffin doesn’t speak for the UK, you can sign a letter from Hope Note Hate denouncing Griffin and the BNP, and urging the need for a comprehensive deal.

Sadly, it’s not enough to denounce the BNP’s lies once – we have to keep doing it whenever they appear. So please take just a moment to add your name to this letter and stand up to the BNP. Again.

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