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The stories that make me ashamed to be British

December 22, 2009

If Paddington’s plea for an end to young children being locked up didn’t persuade you to write to your MP about this subject, perhaps the thoughtful writing of Matthew Norman will move you instead. His comment piece in the Independent, Locking up children shames us, makes me ashamed to be British.

If you’re interested, my MP did reply to my request to sign EDM 1982 with platitudes about child detention being a Bad Thing, but no promise to actually sign the Early Day Motion (and no evidence at the time of writing that he has either.)  It crosses my mind that sharing his inaction with you may not encourage you to take five minutes to petition your own Member of Parliament – but with my a-glass-half-empty-is-closer-to-being-refilled-with-every-sip-I-take attitude* I like to think that you’ll do it anyway. Because the thought of toddlers snatched from their beds in the middle of the night and locked up in some god-awful detention centre chills me to the bone – and any step to ending this nightmare is a welcome one.

[* Learned in evening ‘seminars’ from fellow philosophers at Aston University (’91-’94). You know who you are – thank you all.]

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