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Calling all sceptical thinkers – you’re going to love this

January 5, 2010

Welcome to the Skeptic Exchange! It is run by Richard Stelling in conjunction with the Bristol Skeptics and is an “experimental (and very beta) question and answer forum for Skeptics, Critical Thinkers and Experts to exchange information on a verity of subjects. The aim of Skeptic Exchange is to foster better critical thinking on the Internet and provide solid, well researched evidence for questions of: pseudoscience ; the supernatural; faith healing; ghosts and orbs; alternative medicine; urban-legends; anti-vaccination .”

It’s wonderful. It makes me feel a little less alone in the world and gives me a name for my kind of thinking (well a better one than woolly-liberal-sitting-on-the-fence thinking). All is clear – I am a sceptic – hurrah! This site is one of the best Christmas presents ever.

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