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Weird things learnt from blog stats

January 19, 2010

Browsing the stats page for your blog can be quite illuminating. I like knowing where readers have blown in from (Hello pauseliveaction! Hi QuailbyMail), which tags people are looking for, which posts have proved popular, and most importantly, how many of you have clicked through to the good causes or stories mentioned here.

I’m a bit disconcerted by some of the search engine terms that have brought readers here though. Apparently two people (or perhaps the same one twice) found themselves here after asking ‘how much does David Tennant weigh?’

I mean, I dig the man. He’s talented, handsome as hell, and has a social conscience. Not to mention a healthy disdain for astronomy. But really? You need to know his weight? Odd.

I feel a little sorry for the numerous souls drawn by their love of Robbie Williams (or Robie Wiliams for that matter). They should try Popjustice instead. And the ones with very specific requirements in their breastfeeding pictures, frankly creep me out.

But, all are welcome here. Even the homeopathic trolls (hi guys!). Speaking of which, watch out for an event on Saturday 30 January as part of the 10:23 campaign. 300 skeptics will be swallowing a whole bottle of homeopathic pills each to see whether such an overdose has any effect. Quicker-witted folk than me have pointed out that the worst that could happen is a massive sugar-rush. If you want to get involved with the event, contact your nearest skeptics in the pub organisation. And with that, I say bring on the trolls…

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