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Gleek chic

January 21, 2010
Cast of Glee

The cast of Glee - currently showing on E4.

I haven’t pretended to have hidden depths for a long time (not since I was under the mistaken apprehension that boys like that kind of thing). I am a creature of the shallows – though I like to think my shallows are quite wide-ranging. And, there is an upside to this – it only takes an hour of the right kind of TV to pull me out of my traditional winter mood-slump.

So hurrah for Glee – with its devotion to joy and a reminder that the only life worth living is one you’re truly passionate about. If you too are feeling a little blue then I can’t recommend Glee highly enough. (For excellent reviews, I also recommend the good folk at pauseliveaction.)

Your positive action for today? Find five minutes to sing your lungs out and twirl around the room like a loon – absolutely guaranteed to raise your happiness levels (although prehaps not your neighbours’). And happiness is contagious – so spread it around!

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