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Two simple things to keep you and your loved ones safe

March 1, 2010

I don’t care that Terry Wogan, Ainsley Harriet and Amir Khan are lending their celebrity weight to a new safety campaign. I do care that you and your family are safe in your bed tonight. It’s very simple – buy a smoke alarm and test it once a week to make sure it’s working. If that’s too much trouble, then buy a Fire Angel plug in smoke alarm. It screws into your light fitting and charges itself everytime you turn the power on. If the charge runs low it beeps to warn. You can test it by flicking the switch on and off quickly and ‘enjoy’ the ear-piercing shriek that is emitted.

You can buy Fire Angels in supermarkets, large DIY stores and online. They cost a little more than the cheap, battery-powered versions, but you don’t have to test them or buy batteries. Fires spread faster than you imagine – don’t let one kill you or your loved ones – if you haven’t got a smoke alarm buy one right now. (If you do have one, test it right now – and keep testing it every week.)

And the second thing? A carbon monoxide detector. If you have a gas fire or boiler, you need one of these too. Don’t think carbon monoxide poisoning won’t happen to you – it happened to a lovely girl a couple of years older than me at university, it could happen to you too. So while you’re shopping online for that smoke alarm, add a carbon monoxide detector to your basket too. Sweet dreams.

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