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Water, water everywhere – but not a drop (for Palestinians) to drink

March 4, 2010

I’ve blogged in support of Amnesty’s efforts in Palestine before and I want to make one thing absolutely clear. I’m not anti-Israeli or anti-semetic. I’m not pro-Hamas. I don’t believe blowing people up is either just revenge or a helpful measure to secure what you want.

However, I don’t like the idea that Israel is denying Palestinians access to water either.  Amnesty has this to say about the outrageous situation:

Palestinians are denied access to the water they need by Israel. At the same time, Israeli settlements in the West Bank, established in contravention of international law, receive all the water they want, sometimes 10 times as much per capita as neighbouring Palestinian villages.

The Israelis have placed constraints on the Palestinian Authority (PA) that prevent it from developing efficient water and sanitation systems, and a third of the water that the PA manages and distributes to the population under its jurisdiction is lost in leakages.

Meanwhile in Gaza, which is isolated by the Israeli blockade, water and sanitation projects are halted because no materials for construction and maintenance are allowed in. Currently over 90 per cent of tap water in Gaza is unfit for human consumption because it is contaminated by seawater and sewage.

You can help Amnesty’s efforts. Please send an appeal letter to the Israeli authorities now. It takes only a minute and it could make a real difference.

You can read more about this issue – including the full Amnesty report – and learn how to donate money if you choose. Israel is not punishing terrorists – it’s punishing farmers, mothers, fathers and children. Please ask them to stop.

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