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The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas

March 14, 2010

You may be wondering if this post is three months late or nine months early – but my point today is that any day is a good day to read this book.

I bought mine (the audio version, read by its many contributors including Simon Singh, Ben Goldacre, Derren Brown, Simon Le Bon (yes, really), Richard Herring, Lucy Porter, Charlie Brooker and David Baddiel) from Audible before Christmas, but only got round to reading it last week (don’t ask – it’s not even an interesting answer).

Perhaps you don’t self-identify as an atheist even though you don’t tick any of the religious boxes on application forms. Perhaps you don’t really like Christmas – or you really do like Christmas and don’t want a load of bah-humbuggers to spoil it for you. Well, you don’t have to be a capital-letter A atheist to enjoy this or an Ebeneezer Scrooge (pre- or post-spiritual transformation).

If you’re at all skeptical in your thinking, or just get fed up hearing people moan on about how ‘Christmas has lost its meaning’ then this is a book for you.

Also, profits go to the Terence Higgins Trust who do some great work. If you don’t want the audio download, then Amazon will sell you this book too.

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