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Why I’m actually interested in this election

April 15, 2010

The metropolitan media have been banging on about who we’re (that’s us, the electorate) are bored with the election. I beg to differ. I’m fed up with a certain strata of politicians (the venality, corruption, hypocrisy, detachment from real world etc, etc), and frustrated by our out-dated and frankly unfair electoral system, but bored? No way, Hosea.

There’s all sorts of interesting stuff, even if you know (or think you know) who you’re going to support.

The Guardian's election map - click here to learn about your constituency

First check out Vote for Policies and see who you should be voting for. The site lets you choose the issues you’re interested in and then effectively colourblinds you and gets you to choose what you really believe in. I was surprised to find that I’m 100 per cent behind Green policy – I had honestly believed I was choosing Lib Dem policies. (I say surprised, but not as surprised and horrified as if I’d come out as a subconscious UKIP or BNP supporter).

You should also check out Voter Power where you can find out the weight of your vote. Where I live my vote is worth 0.34 of a 1 vote, but outrageously that still gives me 1.36 x more voting power than the average UK voter. If this makes you as cross as it does me, then head over to Power 2010 to call for fair democracy in the UK (and read an excellent comment piece in today’s Independent by Pam Giddy of Power 2010).

I’m still no closer to knowing exactly what I’m going to do come polling day. Vote with my heart and hope that the combined Lib Dem/Labour vote ensures our incumbent MP doesn’t get in, or vote tactically and and hope that the combined Lib Dem/Labour vote ensures our incumbent MP doesn’t get in?

Only time  – and perhaps more internet election tools – will tell.

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