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This is me, nailing my colours to the mast…

April 19, 2010

I’ll admit I wavered for a day or two – convinced that only by voting Labour could I prevent our encumbent Tory MP from retaining our seat (I also think we should start calling them our seats, not theirs, as a reminder of what the whole exercise is about). But while I wouldn’t 0bject to voting Labour if no Lib Dem was standing, I’m doing my best to not just hold principles, but act on them too (see Stewart Lee’s entry in My current obsessions).

Also, I understand now that only by standing up to be counted, can I convince other undecideds or would-be Lib Dems that their vote can count. So, even if the price of a nice big groundswell of liberal support is getting landed with a smug, Tory get, I will cough up.

See you at the polling station…

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