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Dale Vince is such a dude…

April 3, 2011

If you’ve visited before you will already know that I’m a big fan of Ecotricity.

The company’s founder Dale Vince gave an interview to The Independent in the week and showed once again a) why he’s a dude (On the subject of City financiers trying to buy the company: “If I had £100m, I’d only go out and start a green electricity company so what would be the point?”) and b) why renewable energy is not some fringy-hippy thing. Ecotricity customers aren’t just using green energy, they’re investing in more sources of green energy.

If you haven’t already signed up for Ecotricity’s electricity or green gas, then do read the Independent interview and head over to Ecotricity to give them your details.


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  1. Mark permalink
    April 4, 2011 12:43 am

    They’ve just built a bunch of wind turbines at the edge of our village. I like them. I don’t get the objections to them at all, but then I was always into aircraft, and they are a bit aircrafty. And when they’re done with, all you have to do is take them away and break up the foundations, dead easy, no long term impact at all.

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